An interactive event with various workshops, events, exhibits, goods, and booths that you can enjoy all day long!

Come visit this exhibition, suited for all ages!

LocationINTEX Osaka Hall 4

  • 2018. 8.25(Sat)

    OPEN 9:00

    CLOSE 18:00

    (final entry 17:30)

  • 2018. 8.26(Sun)

    OPEN 9:00

    CLOSE 18:00

    (final entry 17:30)

Exhibition ticket details

*including tax

Exhibition Hall entrance fee

500 JPY

Includes complimentary giftValid for only one day of Exhibition in Osaka (Tokyo Exhibition tickets not valid)

Exhibition admission novelty gift “Original Pins (6 designs)”

Hatsune Miku “Magical Mirai 2018” exhibition attendees will receive “Original Pins” as a gift item.

Cute pins with 6 different designs in total with megaphone motif from this year’s main visual!

Which design you will receive is a surprise!

  • 1 pin will be given randomly per 1 exhibition admission ticket. You may not choose the design.
  • Only a limited number of novelty items are available and distribution will end as availability ends.
  • Both Osaka and Tokyo venues have the same novelty gift.


Featured Exhibition

Kagamine Rin & Len Exhibition

We have prepared a special exhibition to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Kagamine Rin & Len!

It will feature a gorgeously decorated life-sized panel and a mystery giant object, as well as illustrated greeting cards from the 10th anniversary countdown project, and beautiful images gathered during the Piapro collaboration campaign!

There will also be a participatory project where visitors will be able to share congratulatory messages!

Everything to let you fully enjoy Rin & Len’s 10th anniversary.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Kagamine Rin & Len exhibition!

Magical Mirai Kagamine Rin/Len 10th Anniversary Theme Song


Giga feat. Kagamine Rin/Len

Words by Reol

Music & Arranged by Giga

Illustration by Miwa Shiiba

Movie by Okiku

Important Notices about Cosplay: Osaka Venue

※ Please note that regulations differ between the Tokyo venue and the Osaka venue.

Cosplay Dressing Room

Opening Hours:

August 25th (Sat) & 26th (Sun) 9:00 - 17:30

  • Arriving at the INTEX Osaka venue in cosplay costumes & wigs will be prohibited. Please note that attendees who are not compliant may be declined entry despite having a valid ticket.
  • Cosplaying is allowed only in the exhibition hall of INTEX Osaka Building No.4. Exiting the exhibition venue in cosplay costumes and wigs will be prohibited.
  • Cosplaying is prohibited at the live concert in INTEX Osaka Building No.5-A.
  • There will be a dressing room for cosplaying at the venue. Please note that the available space is limited.
  • No costs such as cosplay registration fee, dressing room usage fee, camera registration fee, or any other will be charged to participants.
  • In order to use the cosplay dressing room, please make a line at the entrance of the exhibition. There is no exclusive entrance for the dressing room.
  • Acts that may inconvenience other participants as well as wearing costumes that may cause discomfort are prohibited.
  • Please perform cosplay on one's own responsibility. Neither the organizer nor the venue are responsible for any accidents and troubles caused by the content of cosplay.
  • Costumes which entirely cover the face (such as a full face cover, mask, helmet, headgear) are prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to bring items which may hurt other people (such as long metallic item).
  • Costumes which feature indecent exposure (revealing private parts or underwear) are prohibited.
  • Please use the cosplay area provided in the venue when the site is crowded.
  • Please behave with common sense and follow the instructions of the staff in charge at the venue.
  • Participants who are considered to be in violation of the rules may be forced to cease cosplaying or to leave the venue.
  • Please refrain from taking a picture for a long time or inconvenience others while shooting.
  • Please make sure that both the photographer and the subject of the photograph have entered a mutual agreement with regards to the photo.
  • We ask for your understanding and cooperation that all customers must leave the exhibition site by 18:00.