Digital Stars Hatsune Miku “Magical Mirai 2024” in OSAKA

*Schedules are subject to change without notice.

Digital Stars @ MAGICAL MIRAI 2024 in OSAKA

"Digital Stars" is coming to "MAGICAL MIRAI 2024" as a sub event in Fukuoka, Tokyo, and Osaka!
Artists from various genres and scenes come together for a special show.

What is Digital Stars?

“Digital Stars” is a project which began as a sub event of the MIKU EXPO series of international concert tours, and features collaborations and performances by musicians from around the world who were inspired by Hatsune Miku and other related Internet creative cultures.
In the past, the Digital Stars club event has been held in 7 overseas cities including Seattle (2016), San Francisco (2016), Los Angeles (2016, 2018), New York (2016, 2018), Taipei (2019), Hong Kong (2019), and Berlin (2020).
In 2020, Digital Stars held its first online DJ event, which hit Twitter trending #1 and reached a peak of 8,400 simultaneous viewers and over 130,000 unique viewers.


INTEX Osaka Halls 3,4 MAP

"Magical Mirai 2024" Exhibition Hall Stage


October 13th(Sun.), 2024

OPEN 19:00

START 19:30(*Show ends at 21:00)

*Starts after night show ends in Hall 5A

Ticket Price

Reserved Seating Only 2,000 JPY(with tax)

*The price of tickets include 10% consumer tax.

*Exhibition Tickets are not needed.

*Entrance into 〈Magical Mirai 2024〉 Exhibitions and Concerts will require separate purchase of "Exhibition Tickets" and "Live Tickets."

Ticket details


  • Virtual singers will not be making an appearance
  • During the show, there may be preparation times between performances for the next performer.
  • Songs to be performed are not limited to those sung by virtual singers.
  • Contents of the show may be changed without prior notice, please understand.
  • As Digital Stars is in a separate hall, audiences going to both Digital Stars (Osaka Halls 3, 4) and the Night live show (Hall 5A) may experience a delay in entering the venue for digital stars.
    Please be mindful of the above situation when applying for tickets.
  • Preschoolers are not allowed to enter the venue.
  • Please refrain from contacting the venue, performers, and record labels for inquiries.
  • Please check the official website for 〈Magical Mirai 2024〉 before coming to the show.

For Inquiries regarding "Digital Stars @ MAGICAL MIRAI 2024"

Crypton Future Media Digital Stars Team

*Please refrain from inquiring about the tickets.